Brandon Johnson

Hello, my name is Brandon. I am a recent graduate from Liberty University with a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology: Game Design. My passion for games is more than just a hobby. What video games are for me is a way to share new ideas, tell amazing stories, and a way to connect with a community. They are a way to share all forms of creativity from story writing to building a world, and I want to be a part of that.

With the skills I have learned from my education, I am willing to learn and grow within this industry. My passions do not stop at game design. I have experience in professional film work as well. Take a look through my portfolio and if you like what you see, please contact me through my listed information. Thank you very much.

Unreal Projects- While working with Hecktic Games, I became a level designer working within Unreal. As a level designer, my main responsibilities are as follows:
-Design a level layout

-Create landscape using Unreal's landscape editor

-Adjust/alter Texture maps and Meshes as needed

-Create buildings and populate map with props using assets

-Populate the map with foliage

This section will be updated with screenshots and files showcasing level designs.

Castle Environment-

Following a video guide from YouTuber Unreal Sensei (Video Here:, I created my own medieval environment using assets found in Quixel Bridge. The video taught basic menu navigation, asset manipulation, lighting, landscaping, foliage painting, texture adjustments, and other basic level design. The DropBox to the level files can be accessed with the button here.

Unity Projects - Currently I am bettering my knowledge of Unity by following an online course that gradually ups the difficulty and complexity of the classes in efforts to teach how to create in Unity and code in C#. I will update this page with completed projects.

Delivery Driver - A small game to showcase basic understanding of C# and Unity. It is a 2D game where you drive a car around a town, collect "deliveries" and drop them off at the customer.

Snowboarder - Beginning states of a game that can be expanded upon. You play as a snowboarder and try to get from point A to B without crashing. This project was done to understand different Unity assets like the sprite editor, particle effects, and the Surface Effector.

Quiz Game - 5 question long quiz game where I made the topic about World War 1 information. This project was to learn UI programming using Unity's Text Mesh Pro, as well as continuing on generic C# coding topics like Loops and Arrays. Along with this, this project was also used to learn how to set up multiple choice questions, a timer, a score, a progress tracker, and changing the question to a new one as well as ending the game once completed.

3D Models — These come from a 3D modelling class using Cinema 4D. Final project was to animate a small scene utilizing all the techniques we learned. I'm willing to learn more.

Trophy - First project that shows ability to manipulate simple shapes into an object.

Street Lamp - Lighting application, showcasing how we can add lighting effects to an original creation.

Mouse - This was a tutorial to learn how to more precisely manipulate shapes into a detailed model.

House - A simple design that was a showcase on how to add textures

Project Gallery

Coding — I'm fairly new to coding, so currently I'm at base level skill. I have been trained in Java, Python, and C#. While it's not my preferred avenue, I'm willing to learn more through experience.

All my coding projects can be viewed on my GitHub

Please Note: The images available here are screenshots of the working executables.

Music — as a hobby, I am a musician and am trained in musical theory and music tech. I am able to work in DAW's and have experience in Logic and FL Studio.

"Echoes of the Ancients" -

"Honor and Glory" -

"Market Stroll" -

"Wonder" -


Along with my knowledge in 3D modeling and coding, I have also been professionally trained in Film Production. See the list on the side for the specific jobs.

Director Photography